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winds shift out of the north. >> i like it when we get the t change in the middle of the day. >> me, too. >> switches things up. a little more interesting. >> when is it officially fall? you know how we have officially days? >> in the weather world it's september 1 but on calendar it's september 20 or 21 this a cold front north and west. currently warm and humid and summery. once that front gets throughets this morning and early this afternoon we'll notice the cooler, drier air working in.n. the yellow you see a very well put together thunderstormstor complex at this hour ahead of ae cold front. fro watch that carefully becauseeful some of that may drift to our region along with a front this morning. the possibility out there that mid to late morning we get a round of showers and thunderstorms. once the front presses through gradual clearing. 74 this morning at reagan national.
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dulles is 74. 69 degrees bwi marshall. a lot going on today. early showers and storms a possibility until noon and things improving here with temperatures falling off late in the afternoon. if you are heading to the beaches the front is down there. chances for showers will hold on longer. >> okay.y. i misspoke. apparently the quake anniversary is today. it was two years ago today. let's keep it that way. we don't need another -- >> we don't need my nor earthquake. we'll check in with steve and see how things are moving on the roadways this morning. >> things moving pretty well. ground is pretty steady not moving. southbound and northbound on 5 here. serving moving well. you can see the h.o.v. lanes are opening up.g that's good news to start the rush-hour. no delays toward. heading farther north on 95 and that is moving smoothly. no problems reported just yet on 95.
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we really hope it stays that way after kind of a tough weekweek earlier this week.eek. over to 395 now continuing northbound up toward duke street and up to the 14th street bridge lanes are open. you still have the road work on the freehway and right now it's not slow. slows things down mid rushh shower. right now we're okay. on the beltway near the wilson bridge looking smooth right mow and back over to 95 in marylandr no thats a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. t >> thank you, steve. police right now investigating a deadly hit and run in prince p george's county.ount it happened before 10:00 p.m. p. last night in landover. officials say a woman wasas walking along the eastboundastb lanes of 202 near route 50 when5 she was hit. the driver took off and if you know anything about it, police want to hear from you. a verdict this morning in the stabbing death of virginia teen vanessa pham. >> it was unprecedented because a television camera was allowed
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in the courtroom. after deliberating less than four hours the jury found blanco-garcia guilty of first-degree murder recommendine 49 years behind bars. pham's body was found in her car in 2010 and gars yafs arrestedee just last december. >> now to the violent death of a community activist here in d.c. this was timothy dawkins at a march event at d.c. this week. w police say someone shot him wednesday on 4th street southeast where he lived.ived according to friends, the 24-year-old stud dwroid become a preacher. they say he was often a mediator in disputes in the community and had plans to run for commissioner. >> old soul. whenever i need him he was there. we took kids to tennessee to do a training and he was an example for our young people. we need need more exams, especially black men in the in
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community. >> police don't have a suspect or motive in this one.. white says this summer there's been more than 20 shootings on the same block. >> 50 years ago on wednesday, dr. martin luther king, jr.,, stood on the step of the lincoln memorial and delivered his i have a dream speech.h. >> festivities marking the festivities are underway. math is the live in west potomac park with details on the eventst coming up this weekend. >> it's all of early this morning but fortunately i'm getting through it because it'su an exciting weekend through next friday. already a lot of the setup iss taking here behind me in west potomac park you might be able to see the tents there, the lining as folks get ready for the global freedom festival. that begins today at noon.n. folks milling around here. the other events boy it's goings to be a big weekend.
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the big event is going be tomorrow. that's the realize the dream rally. reverend al sharpton and sha hundreds of thousands of peoplef are expected to be along the national mall and then on sunday, the sclc worship service that is taking place at howard university. you might be asking yourself about the traffic issues that could take place when you haveno that many people here along the national mall. m sure, there's going be problems. we have road closures and they are not that much. the arlington memorial bridgee off the gw parkway will be closed to vehicle traffic tomorrow between 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. memorial circumstance ll remain open unless they have to close it down for pedestrian safety. f another big thing happening tomorrow is the d.c. statehood self determination march and rally. that is starting early tomorrow
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morning. the fight for equal rights is something that d.c. residents push for here.ere. mayor gray was among those in attendance for a sign-making gathering. folks getting to make signs forr the rally beginning tomorrow at the d.c. war memorial. if you are not familiar where that is it's right across thehe street from the mlk memorial. everyone is gathering there and from that point, guys, everyone is going to then do their rally here at the war memorial, the d.c. war memorial and then take their signs and march up to the main rally which will begin, i believe, around 9:30, 10:00 tomorrow. what they are hoping is having the signs about statehood, maybe they are caught on camera, maybm they'll have a conversation witt folks that are from out of town and possibly that message of statehood will spread throughout the country so one day, maybe, it's something that all
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americans realize.eali the thought is that most folks living across the country don't know about the plight here for equal voting rights in the district. we'll have updates throughout the morning. good to see you guys and see you later. >> thank you so much. see you in a bit. >> the justice department is d suing the state of texas over the new voter i.d. law. it's trying to intervene in the redistricting case. minority groups have raised concerns that the new laws are discriminatory but republicans in texas insist it's designed to stop voter fraud and governor g perry is saying the white housee is trying to do an end around in recent supreme court decisions. >> big news in entertainment this morning. hollywood has chosen the newest batman. exciting a lot of people are questioning the casting here. we'll have more on that. mor cog up. >> playing host to the 2016 limb picks and -- olympics and
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there's a big mess. what could be hund 10,000 tons of dead fish found in rio's olympic village?
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>> make headlines this morning, a disturbing statistic from the united nations. it says there are more than one million registered child receive fewees -- refugeees from the syrian civil war. >> a computer glitch halted trading on the nasdaq yesterday for three hours. and the sec wants answers. they are struggling to find out what went wrong in what is called a flash freeze. the said of sec says she'll work to tighten rules for automatic trading. >> in brazil biologies are trying to figure out how ten tons of fish died in the future olympic park in rio. they say it was probably caused by raw sewage that seeped into the water. oh. ten tons of fish.f
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>> they have the olympics coming up. >> you need to get that thing cleebed up -- cleaned up whether the olympics are there or not. >> that's quite a mess. all right. holy casting call! c >> you are so clever. >> i watched that a lot as a kid. holy casting call, batman. >> the actor we're talking about batman obviously the actor chosen to play the caped crusader with talks this morning. some people don't like who tsms i like looking at him i don't care. >> can it be worse than michael keaton? >> i don't think so. >> yes, yes. >> we have showers and maybe a thunderstorm coming through her thisth morning. that's a cold front and a much, much improved forecast. steve has the details on traffic after the break.
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this is humira at work. ♪ ♪ batman >> we could not believe it this morning but this is the storyhe that has a lot of you talkingou right now. ben affleck. >> booo! >> hold on! ben affleck is going to play batman in a new movie featuringa the caped crusader and superman. the new movie not titled yet will be released in summer of
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201 5 and it has a lot of people talking wondering if affleck is up to it. t >> he won an academy award. give him a chance. c >> have you seen daredevil. d >> he was been in other movies. the one with the fiancee. >> exactly. gigi or gigli. >> "good will hunting", the town. tweet us at anddc.c let us know what you think.. i know people are blowing up the took page right now. they are pretty passionate about it. #us on twitter #benasbatman. >> it's the worse one. worse than glorg clooney. >> not like the last one. that was a little bit much. >> that was dark. >> darker than the joker? >> this is pretty dark.
5:17 am
okay.. >> this got all of us thinkingtn about batman, if we could play any batman character, who would it be? >> high in right away. >> so did i. let's take a look at the pictures. >> yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> chris bale, bruce wayne. >> i'm trying to be bruce wayne. >> now i know why wisdom is mads he wan it's be batman. bat >> bruce wayne, christian bale,, cool, money, cars the lifestyle. >> i knew right away. ever since i watched it as a kid catwoman. i love her. anne hathaway was who i wanted to be. she was pretty bad. >> have you noticed the similarity? >> similarity? >> you should wear that outfit one day for the news. >> i like the outfit.
5:18 am
>> people like catwoman. >> do you have any leather like that though? >> i could probably find it in my closet. >> i withdraw the question.ion. >> the joker, of course. >> i want to wear a lot of makeup. >> look at your face tucker. look at your smile. >> don't worry about the makeup. >> particularly joker. >> that's the joker. he was kind of -- really dark, too. heath ledger joker was dark. >> i don't know if i want to go that dark but -- >> i think they are appropriate for us. all right. r >> we'll continue to talk about whether or not you like the pick for batman. they have to keep it >> it makes a lot of money. >> we need the cold front going
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because we want the sunshine tot return and it will this afternoon. pleasant today. this weekend highs only in thehe low 80s with low humidity. setting up for a beautifuleaut weekend. >> doesn't feel like it's been summer in washington. >> no, and that's okay.s >> it's just fine. 72 in culpepper, 68 in manassasm this morning and mid 60s here in gaiftersburg and -- gaithersburg and frederick. the actual cold front is right here in southwest pennsylvania. a line of showers and thunderstorms have developeds along it.haong it's going to continue to moven on to the south and east. see if they are tracking to the east and south this morning. the possibility here that we'ret going to get a round of showers, maybe a thunderstorm. mid to late morning as that front comes through. then it quickly fades off to the south and east and mid to laid afternoon. we see a sunshine break out
5:20 am
we're still talking about a great weekend. forecast gets better from here. dealing with possibility of thei rain showers midbi to late morning. here is a look at future cast sa we can track what is happening. here we are at 5:00 a.m.m. current time 5:15. it pushes off to the southeast,t falls apart here in the afternoon and we clear out in time for happy hour later this afternoon.rnoo 84 today. a.m. showers, sunny and cooler. winds out the north at 5-10. 65 becoming clear and cooler overnight. there's your accu weather forecast. saturday and sunday low to mid 80s. should be a great looking weekend. early next week pushing back toc the mid 80s with you no rain to mid week after this morning. that's a look at your forecast. let's do traffic. julies had the week -- friday off p. steve is is in this
5:21 am
morning. starting to look at 270. getting heavier past the exit from 109 southbound. not too far from there montgomery county prince orchard road between great seneca highway and purchase street wires came down in the roadway.a south capitol street before you cross the bridge in toward the center of town. right now looking very good. did have a report of a broken down vehicle northbound on 295 2 after pennsylvania avenue. police looking for that beltway near coalsville road. that's a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, steve. a legend is honored. coming up next details on a mark built to honor the late father of go go. time now 5:122.
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♪ >> back now sharing more of your back-to-school selfies. check out these cuties. twins. they are now in the fourth grade in college park. don't they look great? look at their line sign. >> that's an upside down peace. >> that's a great school year, too.too. montgomery county, d.c. and many other systems going back on monday we expect to see more pictures. tweet us at and use the #backtoschoolselfie.
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>> the stories are great and we want to share another one with w you right now. rice uton sent in this rek collection. my sister and i were eight years old. two counselors, blonde headedded hippy looking guys asked if we w wanted to see martin lutherluth king. we excitedly agreed. the buses were full so these courageous young men put us on their shoulders and carried us from what is mlk avenue to the monument. we couldn't see him but we certainly remember being among the crowd. >> i love that story. >> awesome. >> these two hippy guys. want to see him? all right let's hop on my shoulders. >> keep those stories coming, too. you can e-mail us.
5:26 am
also most stories or picture -- post stories and pictures. coming up in a few minutes. math will the preview the big events happening this weekend and how you are impacted even if you are not headed down to the mall to take part. d.c. leaders gathered to break t dun on a new memorial and mark a birthday of a d.c. musical icon. chuck brown the godfather of gogo would have been 70 years yesterday. his family members and others gathered to celebrate. the initial plan was to make the stage louder but as neighbors complained it was scaled down. >> in this case the community spoke and they were listened tod and heard. we did modify the designn approach tie more passiveve desiench word gets -- passive
5:27 am
design. >> work gets underway in a few weeks. the renderings show how it would look when it's complete in less than a year. a >> it's going be great. it's a benefit to cell phones. most of the times you don't get as many pesky calls as you do on a landline. lan >> we're live near the national mall this morning as washingtono prepares to mark 50 years since the turning point in history. we'll have more on that when we return. return. fox 5 morning news is back in a time now is 5:28.
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♪ what a day >> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it's friday and that means dj friday. we have dj big john in the building today. what is going on big john? how are you doing? we're going to talk to him in a little bit. bi it's great >> i love this. it's a way to start off the morning. a little bit of a jazz. i love it. we'll talk to dj big john coming up who has just come back by a 13-hour road trip, by the way. >> straight in to fox 5. dedicated to the craft. he's going to be on fox 5 after 13 hours on the road. the general rule is you don't get any sleep before you come. in a couple hours, two hours.. you'll be fine then.
5:31 am
[laughter][l all right. what is going on? >> we have a cold front. it's working its way tours the area. once you get through here this afternoon we're in for a really nice stretch of weather starting as early as 3, four, 5 today. humidity on the way out. mostly everything is forecast. dealing with a front approachina from thepp north and west. if you look careful you see flashing there into eastern portions of west virginia andnd western maryland. probably moving through here mid to late morning. m we'll be in good shape this for your current temperatures t very mild. 74 and humid out there currently.curr 72 in new new york city and thet can see the cooler air working from the 60s to pittsburgh and detroit. we'll get in on that later this evening. 84 the daytime high, cooler thanit >> let's check in with steve and
5:32 am
get an update on the morning commute. >> we'll take a look here quince orchard road in mont -- montgomery county. there's a check on the roadway between 117 at purchase street.. wires down in the roadway. over to the beltway near the american legion bridge, acrosscs the bridge right now. a little more volume.ume. picking up quickly there morning but nothing in the way. hopefully it stays prettile on 66. here we are on 66 near 123 moving smoothly. sm that's a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >> well, the festivities marking
5:33 am
the historic march on washingtow they kick into high gear this weekend. >> there's a number of event ana road closures because a lot is i going on. matt is live in west potomac p park with a preview. he is up early. glad to see you this morning, matt. ahead of everybody already in place. good morning, matt. >> i don't know how do you it. you you know how i'm getting through this it? >> mountain due. -- dew. >> i'll do a backflip in a half hour. i don't know how you do it. you know what the best time see the mlk memorial is? right about now. i put a picture on twitter ifttr you want to check out. a lot taking place today. the first thing at noon right here behind me. beh see the tents and lighting here this is going to be the global freedom festival getting underway at noon.ay a lots to do here. but really the big stuff startsa tomorrow morning. i think we have a graphic to t show you. that is the realize the dreamam
5:34 am
march orally that takes place tomorrow. reverend al sharpton and many other civil rights leaders will be in attendance there and thent on sunday, that's the sclc worship service.hi that ip s happening at howard university. one thing we want to tell you about though tomorrow that is really important especially for the residents of the district of columbia is a rally for state rights. that gets underway right aroundr 8:00 tomorrow morning. yesterday the mayor and many other leaders organized this event by getting together for a sign-making party, basically they are at freedom plaza across the street from the wilson building. which what is going to taketake place is everyone is going to gather at 8:00 tomorrow morningr for this statehood rally to bring attention to the issue of nonvoting rights here in the district of columbia. all of those folks that gather at the d.c. war memorial for
5:35 am
that rally will march over to o the rally already underway at the lincoln memorial. the hope is that they can bring attention to a nationwide audience. maybe they'll meet someone from another state.ot tell thehem about the issue here in d.c. and the hope is that sooner or later enough americane will know that maybe one day the district of columbia will become a state. a lot taking place here on the national mall here at west potomac park today. the freedom festival starting at noon. if you are in town early this is the place to cox the big event does -- this is the place to come. the big event tomorrow. big rally at the lincoln memorial. back to you guys. >>yo matt, thank you. >> in other news this morning, justice for vanessa pham. her killer found guilty of first-degree murder. >> the case was nearly unprecedented in the d.c. region because the judge allowed a television came inside the courtroom. julio blanco-garcia showed no
5:36 am
emotion as the verdict was readi a car in fall's church in 2010. after his arrest last december garcia confessed to killing herr after she offered to give him and his daughter a ride to the hospital. the fairfax county commonwealthw attorney asked for life in prison. >> her death was not quick or easy. it was pure savagery. the jury recommended 49 years behind bars. the judge will hand down the sentence later on this year. >> a community activity killed in the district, his killer and the motive still unknown. this was timothy dawkins at a a march event in d.c. earlier this week police say say someone shot him wednesday on 4th street southeast where he lived. according to friends the 24-year-old stud dwroid become a preacher. they say he was often a mediator in disputes for the community and had plans to run for amc
5:37 am
commissioner. >> when we come back we'll talk about a new move to keep your cell phone number private. we've got more than that coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does.
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it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month.
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>> making headlines in the tech world yahoo and google are going
5:40 am
head to head. for the first time in two years yahoo has topped going until internet traffic. the head of yahoo worked for google for 13 years beforeore moving to yahoo. look what is happening. they brought in good people from google and yahoo is coming out on top. that's >> that's a big one. stealing their people. all right. while consumers have the right to refuse, you know, consent to being contacted on their cell phones by automatic -- automated, rather, dialing systems. a u.s. supreme court handed down the decision after a philadelphia woman complained she received 40 calls from dello about a delinquent debt. the court ruled that dell can c contact her but cannot use an auto automated dialing system to do. >> >> this saul part of the sunshine act provision of thee health care overhaul.aul.
5:41 am
pharmaceutical companies p must new report data on individual doctors on what they've received from pizza to the office for compensation for expert device. it's posted on a searchable web site beginning september 2013. which is good because people are concerned about when they have e drug pushedy their way sun get age kick back.ick it's a good tool to have. >> huge. also in the news this morning. m today marks two years since our region was blocked by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake. >> the national cathedral also took a hard hit. we'll check in on repairs anched we'll check in with tucker t barnes for the forecast when fox 5 morning news continues.
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♪ ♪ mother, mother there's toooo many of you crying ♪ >> welcome back. we're easing you in on this friday morning, waking you up a little gently and then we'll gel the partly started. dj big john is in town hereer giving us the tunes. >> a little marvin gaye what is
5:45 am
going on! as you mentioned earlier big john drove 13 hours to get here frnch >> he hadh north reason for beig in tallahassee. we'll tell but. that we'll let him tell you you about that. >> when we talk to him coming up. >> it was a good reason to be. . >> it really s. so far he has my vote. sinatra earlier and marvin gaye. >> we're smooght out to the weekend. >> we'll get to the -- smoothing out to the weekend. >> we'll get to the forecast the because it's going to we a beautiful weekend.eeke listening to the marvin gay. >> barbecue at wisdom's house. >> no, if you go to his house, you work. wor >> grass needs to be cut, c laundry folded.dry >> anything you have plannednned this weekend outdoors a good weekend for it. saturday and sunday looking dry.
5:46 am
sunny, low humidity. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. low to mid 80s later this weekend. not there yet. still warm and humid to starto your day.ay. 74 in washington. 72 in quantico. 69 in -- 68 in man nasa.asa it's humid as our cold front is lagging to the north and west. it's breezing through here shortly and it could bring us an addition to clouds thes possibility of a few showers. a big complex of rain and thunderstorms this morning now pushing to western maryland. this is ahead after this cold front that i'm mentioning. men s that moves through we have a chance here of getting shower activity and potential foror thunderstorms in the first half of your day. probably up to noon and 1:00. it quickly pushes off to the south and east. we're in for a nice afternoon.eo winds shifting out of the northn and west. lower humidity works in on the t northwest breezes. we should be many for a beautiful afternoon and
5:47 am
comfortable evening. you can see the cloud cover. again that whole little complex pushing to the south and east here shortly. could be an early shower or storm. sunny and cooler this afternoon. winds out of the north at 5-10. up near 90 yesterday. 65 tonight. clear cool overnight. ove very comfortable and upper 50s if you are north and west tomorrow saturday and sundayrr looking fantastic. low to mid 80s and we'll move on the temperatures next week but keeping things dry through wednesday. maybe thunderstorms back here by the middle of next week. steve is in this morning. how are the roads?th >> pretty good right now. so far not dealing with too many problems. 270 southbound a little heavy past the exit for 109 but not too bad.o as you continue to 70 hoar we are at 124. a problem on montgomery county
5:48 am
on quince orchard road wires came down. you see police direction there. beltway looking good. inner loop northbound and southbound, outer loop looking good. 95 in virginia near 123. so far good across the occoquan. that's a look at your traffic. >> thank you, steve. two years ago today the d.c. region was rocked by that magnitude 5.8 earthquake. the national cathedral took a pretty big hit. >> we have an update on the work. >> don't look down, the scaffolding on giant wheels, engineers at washington national cathedral is here working to repair earthquake damage that is two years old. >> during the quake the ceilingg rattled in the cathedral. >> when the chief stone mason m walked into the cathedral august 23, 2011 he saw pieces of stone on the floor.on >> i call them little debris
5:49 am
fields. little bits of mortar and stone. >> the steel is not structurally sound. >> what you are looking at, those are the chairs on the t floor of cathedral, the area yoe are used to seeing. see where i'm standing right now it's a deck that was just builtt a few days ago. this is something that jokinglyn call the dance floor. what it gives them is access to the creating to allow them to do the inspection and repairs. as you can see it's a long run, one tenth of a mile to the other end. they have to keep replicating this decking all the way down an they go. >> this is going to be a long process. >> andrew is senior director for finance. he said the total cost of repairs will hit $26 million. they've raised $10 million so far. >> do i wish we raised it all by now?now? absolutely. the history of this cathedral
5:50 am
informs us, i think on being patient. and this can a these cathedral was -- this cathedral was built over 83 years with gifts large and small.and >> it will take 18 months the plywood platforms hang 75 feet in the air. employees say they feel blesseds to be table get the project started. in northwest washington beth b parker fox 5 news. >> it's a long project. >> yeah. >> it's a process. >> it is. not cheap either.p ei >> no, coming up the skins welcome to the bills to fed-ex field tomorrow. what we can expect next. >> our redskin makes an admission toll sports illustrated about what he went through last season and it wasn't good.'t we'll tell but that when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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>> skins are getting ready for the third preseason game against the bills and the coach said the starters will be in for 20 plays. quarterbacks resm grossman and -- rex grossman and white will each play a half. >> rg3 was find $10,000 for wearing the cool patience shirt tnches a lot to pay for for patience. >> it is. pretty amazing. londen fletcher featured in a sports illustrated article.
5:54 am
he revealed he suffered a concussion last preseason and he and the team never publicly disclosed this information. he is the nfl's ironman having played in 240 street games. he admitted it plagued him deep to the admitted he social security tained multiplel concussions in his career. here he is describing what it'si like. >> a bell ringing. you see stars for a second and then you back to normal, you know, after two or three seconds or whatever the case may be. that's the just way the game is. so but at the end of the day we still have to be smart's players, protect ourselves from ourselves. i know i've been getting of needing something to protect mee from me because again i don'tn tell them everything going on with me from a injury standpoint. >> unreal. >> i know. >> you didn't know about it. >> i know it's controversial
5:55 am
probably why. donte stallworth is hoping for another chance with the redskins. he was ham bed a hamstring injury and spent most of camp on the sidelines. he practiced the last few days and says he feels pretty good pe and plans to play against the bills. he is finding a balance between being a proven vet and trying to prove himself again.lf >> i know the offense and i knoi what they expect out of wide receivers here. so that -- that probably alone just helps me personally, but you know it was two years ago. in this league you have to prove yourself. you are only as good as your last game. i look forward to getting throughout saturday and putting a good showing up. >> all right. rig >> preseason. can't wait until it's over and we get to the real stuff. >> gives us something to look forward to and hang on to. >> you are right.
5:56 am
straight ahead at 6:00 we'll look what the is new at the movies this weekend. >> first we want to say good morning to the facebook fan ofeo the day and it's kelly mclaughlin.hlin >> hey, kelly. >> not only is she a fan of thef day today is her birthday. >> happy birthday. she said she loves the morning t team and watches every single day. we appreciate that. >> all right.rell >> all right. >> it's also dj friday here at fox 5 morning news. big john joins us this morning he is busting loose this morning. we're back in a moment.
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>> we the jury find the defendant guilty of first degree murder. >> emotion action in court as a jury convicts a man of killing a virginia teenager. >>

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 7, Steve 7, Big John 4, Virginia 4, Washington 4, Matt 3, The D.c. 3, Bruce Wayne 3, Humira 2, Howard University 2, America 2, Texas 2, Morning News 2, Meghan 2, Timothy Dawkins 2, Google 2, Tucker 2, Ben Affleck 2, Marvin Gaye 2, Al Sharpton 2
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